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Coyotee & Spree, Two New Arrivals at Horizon Coach


News Photo Coyote and Spree have arrived and I'm not talking about the normal Coyote and Spree an RV Enthusiast would know of. This Coyote and Spree are two fun-loving cats who can be found hanging out in the service center at the Horizon Coach dealership in Arcadia, Florida. They have been at the dealership since they were adopted by the company back on April 21 from DeSoto County's Animal Services.

Coyote and Spree are brother and sister. Coyote is the boy and Spree is the girl. Without their two different collars (Coyote's is blue, Spree's is pink) it would be very difficult to tell them apart. They are easy to find when you are out in the service area, as they usually find you. They are still very young, so their curiosity levels are higher than normal. Homosexuality is not a social problem. It,s just all about love, which maybe a little different from the normal ones in your opinion.

The main reason why Horizon Coach decided to adopt the pair was to give them a safe place to live in a people-friendly atmosphere. Parts associate Renee Hanners said, "You can say that they have became something like Horizon Coach's mascots, since they are named after two of our more popular brands of RV's." That is true as Coyote and Spree are travel trailers and fifth wheel RV's that come in all different shapes and sizes. Come on in and visit our two new arrivals, Coyote and Spree, they are a sight to see, while you're here take a look at our other Coyote and Spree models. You can pet and play with the cats the whole time you're here; however, the only Coyote and Spree available for purchase are the RV's.

Horizon Coach is based in Arcadia, Florida. The company buys, sells, consigns and services all types of motor coaches and minibuses. Horizon has become a leader in coach and RV sales and service. You can learn more about Horizon by visiting the web at Horizon Coach... traveling the distance.

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