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News Photo Though it is unknown when the first RV/Motorhome was created, it is certain that they have been around for a long time. For instance, the covered wagon back in the old west, RV? Arguable. Making that Model T into a wagon with a fold down bed, motorohome? I think so. Covering that trailer that is used for hauling big items, travel trailer? Right again. As you can see, the RV game has been played for a while. Though maybe not termed "RV," they were serving just about the same purpose as the ones of today. Simplifying that much needed vacation.

One of the early pioneering groups that happens to be common around this area was the "Tin Can Campers." This was a group of campers, ranging in the numbers of 30,000- 100,000, that formed in 1919 in Michigan, but would spend their winters down here in different parts of Florida. A lot like what still goes on today. This group started by staying mainly at Municipal Park in Tampa, but were soon relocated to good 'ol Arcadia. They stayed here and in Sarasota for most of the 1930's. While here the economies of these two towns flourished, but as was the case with just about everything during the Depression, this soon came to an end. The "Tin Can Campers" seemed to die out after 1939 due to the war and other factors, but since have been refounded as an all make and model vintage trailer and motor coach club. It was quite a time while it lasted for the "Tin Can Campers," and the pioneering spirit they embodied has paved the way for the RV industry today.

Today, as you all know, RV's come in all shapes and sizes, as they have truly taken on the meaning of mobile home. Whether a motorhome, motorcoach, any kind of towable, they fit just about any person's lifestyle and are a lot of fun in the process. They provide the freedom that only they can give, and what a feeling that is. Imagine being able to pick up everything and be off to a new town or city in as much as a day and not even having to leave the comfort of your own home. The choice is yours and the fun awaits, so don't hesitate make the move to freedom.

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