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Lincoln Welcomes you to Horizon Coach


News Photo When we moved into our new home in January, little did we know we already had an occupant waiting for us. Underweight, abused and scared to death, it took about a week for the staff to gain his trust. His second week with us and he dug a hole under a vehicle in the front lot, which is how he got his name LINCOLN.

We erected a fence in the back lot to contain him at night, but years of being a stray, each night he dug his way out and would be at the front gate waiting on the staff the next morning. A shock collar was purchased, however, Lincoln figured out how to chew through the wire, disabling the fence. Now staff members take turns bringing him to their homes at night. Maybe we should have named him Houdini.

After a near death experience being hit by a car, then surgery, then a tooth extraction, several vaccinations and a scare with heart worms - he is now part of our family. Interestingly customers and vendors alike ask to see Lincoln when they call on us. He loves people, in fact if you have food he loves you even more.

Lincoln loves to ride, which is fitting being a company that caters to transportation industry. He rides on the golf carts, forklift, lawn mower, but his favorite is riding in a bus. This is how a company mascot is born.

We invite you to stop by and meet the newest member of our team!

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