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Hurricane Charley Slams into Southwest Florida


News Photo Friday the 13th, August 2004 will for forever be remembered by those in Southwest Florida who lost nearly everything. That afternoon, category four Hurricane Charley slammed into Southwest Florida's shore. With wind speeds of over 145 MPH, Charley's wrath moved quickly across Florida right into Arcadia causing millions of dollars in damage.

Horizon Coach was in the direct path of this fierce storm. Over half of the employees road out the storm in coaches parked inside the 200,000 square foot facility. Miraculously, no one was injured. When the storm was over, early assessments estimate over $3.5 million in damages at Horizon Coach. Over a third of the main building was destroyed entrapping passenger coaches and private coaches alike. Horizons 5,000 square foot heavy engine shop was nearly leveled. Prior to the storm, over 30 coaches were moved inside the main building for safety. Interestingly, only one motor home and an employees car were totaled by insurance companies. Almost every coach came out of the building without even a scratch with total damages under $10,000.

Over half of the employees who work for Horizon lost their homes, yet everyone reported to work the Monday after the storm opening the doors at 8:00 am. Strangely, four coaches were sold and delivered just 10 days after the storm. Horizons service center has reopened to aid some of the 150 passenger coaches that are in the area chartered to carry utility crews, volunteer workers and construction personnel.

Horizon Coach is located in Arcadia, Florida. The company buys, sells, consigns and services all types of motor coaches. With the largest inventory of coaches in Southwest Florida, Horizon has quickly become a leader in sales and service.

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